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Honoring the Earth

Humanity, now more than ever, has the opportunity as individuals and as communities, to remain deeply connected to nature, to our Spirits, and to each other, even as we advance technologically and philosophically. We are dedicated to strengthening those original connections, and to encouraging the coming together of all people in global partnership, while inspiring eco-friendly living, offering sustainable resources, ancient teachings, and practical wisdom we can use today.

Lighted Paths hold a heart-centered commitment to the awareness that all of Life operates from a place of interdependence and interconnection. Our vision is to inspire deeper connection and provide wholistic approaches in the way we interact with Earth, and with all living beings. Each of us has something valuable to contribute in coming together with others compelled to make that difference.

Our Practices

Lighted Paths offers a foundation for peace and environmental sustainability where we create meaningful events; share articles, tools, and resources for people and organizations who want to make a difference in the world we all share.
As we walk this Earth, we focus on the possibilities, for they always outweigh the limitations.


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