Claire is the author of Mary’s Miracles and Messages – a True Story of Visionary’s Journey,” and a contributing author to several books, including “Angel Tales” and “When Ego Dies – a Compilation of Near Death and Mystical Conversion Experiences.” Highly trained in the healing arts, and long practiced in her psychic abilities, Claire studied and traveled with one of the worlds most beloved accomplished healers, Rev. Romy, for more than 18 years in vibrational healing. She has produced and hosted the Sirius/XM Satellite radio talk show “It’s All Good” with dedication to the emerging Spirit of humanity. Claire is the voice of Mother Mary on the audio version of the best-selling book “Mary’s Message to the World” and the popular musical healing CD “Mary’s Lullaby.” Claire is also a meditation facilitator, has appeared on numerous television and radio talk shows, and has traveled the U.S. speaking on visionary topics and holistic living.

If you are interested in having Claire speak at your event, or host a workshop with her in your area, please contact her for more information. 

Our world today has many energies to navigate. Sometimes all a person needs is a little extra clarity and guidance to support their journey in life. Our angelic teachers work through us to help awaken our own inner awareness and lay the groundwork for a more meaningful life, inspiring us to bring out our hidden abilities and expand our creative vision. Claire has been offering intuitive readings, and healing energy work, most of her adult life. As a visionary, she intuitively receives deeper meaning from the Angelic realm and combines her skills in clairaudience, clairvoyance, and clairsentience to support you in taking the next step in your life’s journey - shining light on the path that lays before you for a clearer passage along the way.

This type of intuitive work is not fortune telling. The time shared together is to help you become more aware of the information that is already available to you, and awaken a fresh perspective for a more conscious use of Spiritual energy, deeper self-reflection, and more mindfully approach challenges with new insights to move forward in life.

If you are interested in scheduling a session for an Intuitive Reading or Healing Energy, please click the Book Now button below to send your request. Once there is an agreed upon date and time please send your donation via the Donate (Paypal) button below within 24 hours to confirm your appointment.

 30 Min. Reading - $50, One Hour Reading - $85

40 Min. Healing Energy Session - $50

If you need to reschedule a session there must be a
72-hour notice before your appointment time.

Remote Intuitive readings are available by telephone or Skype-to-Skype, in-person sessions are available for locals as well.

Much Love and Many Blessings ~Claire

Intuitive sessions with Claire Papin are spiritual in nature, and are to be used for informational purposes only. By scheduling and participating in an intuitive session/consultation with Claire Papin you understand and agree that information given and received is intended for educational, inspirational and spiritual purposes only, and is not intended to take the place of any medical, legal, financial, psychological, or any other qualified professional advice. The choices you make and the actions you take are solely your responsibility.